System Status: Budgeted

After you allocate budget to a WBS element for the first time, the system status budgeted is set. The system status remains if you remove the budget from the WBS element.

If the system status is budgeted, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Deletion of WBS elements
  • Reassignment of WBS elements and all subordinate objects

You can set the deletion flag for budgeted WBS elements.

You can remove the budgeted system status for WBS elements with budget 0. To do so, choose Logistics or Accounting ® Project System ® Controlling ® Budgeting ®Tools ® Remove ‘Budgeted’ Status.

The system removes the budgeted system status, if:

  • The budget is removed using the same transaction with which it was allocated and
  • The selected WBS elements have budget 0.