Displaying Budget Line Items

Each change that you save in budgeting is documented as a line item by the system.


  1. To display the budget line items for a WBS element, choose Logistics or Accounting -> Project System -> Controlling -> Budgeting -> Original budget -> Change.
    The Change Original Budget: Initial Screen appears.
  2. Enter the necessary data and choose Continue or Original budget.
  3. Choose the WBS Element overview.
    The Change Budget: WBS Element Overview screen appears.
  4. Choose Extras ® Line item.

To display the budget items for orders from the order overview, choose Extras ® Line Items.

If you are using more than one currency for budgeting, the system displays all of the line items for the required WBS element. This is independent of the currency that you are currently using for the budget.

You can prohibit line item writing for changes to the original budget by means of a user status, although the system continues to write line items for budget updates.

You can create short texts and/or long texts for budget line items.

A unique number identifies line items. You need to specify intervals (number ranges) for this in Customizing for the Project System or internal orders.
For more information, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) under Project System ® Costs ® Budget ®
Enter Number Ranges for Budgeting, or under Controlling ® Internal Orders ® Budgeting and Availability Control ® Maintain Number Ranges for Budgeting.