Defining and Executing a Survey: Overview


In this section, you learn how you proceed in general in order to create and execute a survey with the simplest possible means. Here we would like to give you a first overview of the necessary steps. You will receive detailed information in the special sections of this documentation.


You have a clear idea about what you want to achieve with the planned survey, and have translated this idea in a suitable way into an empirical survey concept which can be checked (in other words operationalized).

Process Flow

  1. Create a new survey. As a result of this, you get to the Survey Cockpit which is used as the central tool for all administrative work in connection with a survey.

    An object of the type survey has no own attributes apart from its name, instead it is used as a higher-level object to which you assign one or several questionnaires as well as the target group which the survey is directed to.

  2. Create some recipients as the target group, here you can simply enter existing system users. The system then automatically completes the e-mail address maintained in the user data.
  3. Create a new questionnaire. The system automatically generates the first page of the questionnaire, and adds a pushbutton to send the completed questionnaire.
  4. Now insert your desired questions into the questionnaire and set the answers in advance. You can change the arrangement of the objects in the questionnaire at any time by dragging the corresponding node in the hierarchical list to the desired position.
  5. Assign the questionnaire you created to the survey.
  6. Save the survey and the questionnaire you created.
  7. In the target group hierarchy of the survey, select the nodes under which the recipients are arranged to whom you want to send the questionnaire, and choose Send Questionnaire.

The system generates an e-mail in the background and sends this to the recipient you selected.

The recipients receive the questionnaire as an e-mail in HTML format (or if the e-mail client used does not support this format, as an attachment in HTML format) and can answer the questions. Subsequently, the recipients return the completed questionnaire that has the send pushbutton contained in it.


The returned questionnaires are automatically loaded into the SAP System and can be automatically evaluated using the Survey Cockpit. The system creates result lists and graphics from the results of the survey.