Reuse of Questionnaire Elements


You use this function to reuse questionnaire elements (for example, option fields, question tables) that you require in the same or similar form several times within a questionnaire or several questionnaires. As the complete definition of a questionnaire element can be rather complex (for example, when you use attributes from an assigned application library or conditional fields) you can save a lot of time and work with the reuse of elements. In addition the reuse of elements that have been defined once provides for a consistent and uniform appearance of your questionnaires.


The reuse of questionnaire elements takes place in that you assign the elements that you want to reuse to a favorites list. This favorites list is cross-survey so that you can access the elements contained in every survey and every questionnaire of the Web Survey.

You do not require favorites management to use questionnaire elements several times within the same questionnaire. Here it is sufficient if you simply copy an element and insert it in the desired place in the questionnaire structure.


You choose any element that you want to use in future in a questionnaire. For example, such an element can be a question or question group but also an individual answer option within a question or a complete questionnaire page with all the elements contained in it. Generally the following applies: If an element that you include in the favorites list contains lower-level elements then these lower-level elements are also part of the favorites.

You insert the element into your favorites list with the context menu function intended for this. Here you have the possibility to assign the element to a favorites group to maintain an overview of the total quantity of favorites.

The system proposes the name of the element type as the default setting for the favorites group. But you can also choose any other group name instead. For example, you could decide to form groups of elements that are related in content. Thus you could set up a group "demographic entries" in which you collect frequently required questionnaire elements that refer to age, sex, and educational qualifications.

After you have included an element in the favorites list, you can insert it into any other questionnaires from the list.

You can use the possibility to include a complete questionnaire page with all the elements contained in it in the favorites list to indirectly copy a questionnaire created in the Web Survey. As there is no dedicated function "Copy questionnaire", simply create a new questionnaire and insert the desired page from the favorites list.

The favorites list is a personal, user-specific list. This means your favorites are assigned to your user ID and are only available when you have logged onto the system yourself.

You can delete all of your favorites with a mouse click if you no longer need them (Favorites Management ® Delete Favorites). In addition you have the possibility to export your favorites into an XML file or to import such a file again (Favorites Management ® Export Favorites or Import Favorites). In this way you can combine your personal favorites with the favorites of other employees or swap between systems without any problems. Favorites from an imported file that are assigned to a favorites group that also exists in the target system are arranged in this group.


  1. Select a questionnaire in one of the following ways:
    1. Enter the transaction code SURVEY to start the Survey Cockpit.
    2. Choose Survey ® Create to create a new survey or open one of the existing surveys by double-clicking on the appropriate list entry.
    3. In the right screen area choose Assign Questionnaire (if no questionnaire is yet assigned to the survey) and then Edit Questionnaire or directly choose Edit Questionnaire (if a questionnaire is already assigned to the survey).


    1. Enter the transaction code SURVEY_FORMS to display a list of available questionnaires (independent of the surveys that they are assigned to).
    2. Choose the questionnaire that you want to edit from the list.

You get to the Change Questionnaire <Name of Questionnaire> screen.

  1. Choose a questionnaire page in the questionnaire structure from the context menu Insert from Favorites ® <Favorites Group> ® <Favorite>.

    The system inserts the element as the last element of the page in the questionnaire.

  2. Drag the element with the mouse to the desired position in the questionnaire structure.