Reuse of Questionnaires


You use this function to reuse questionnaires the structure or inner composition of which remains unchanged over a longer period within several surveys. For example, this enables you to repeat surveys in a frequency you have set with minimum administrative effort in order to analyze changes in answer behavior over time. Another use can be that you want to execute several surveys in parallel that only differ in a few details.

Possible implementation areas are, for example, customer or employee satisfaction surveys, questions about the qualification profile of employees. Particularly with long-term examinations it is important that the survey instruments over the complete examination period are kept as constant as possible to achieve the desired comparability of the results. This aim is promoted with the reuse of existing objects.


Questionnaires are independent objects that the system manages independent of the survey in the context of which you have created them (you can also edit questionnaires completely independently of a survey). Therefore, they are available for reuse in any surveys of the Web Survey.


A questionnaire that you edit in the Survey Cockpit is included in the system-wide list of existing questionnaires from the first saving and can be assigned to any surveys from this point on.

The system offers the reuse of questionnaires in the form of template dependencies on the questionnaire. This means the questionnaire is saved exactly once in the system. Therefore, changes to a questionnaire have an effect on all surveys that reference the same questionnaire. If you do not want this, then you must create a new questionnaire, copy the elements of the original questionnaire using favorites management (see Reuse of Questionnaire Elements), and subsequently modify it according to your requirements.


  1. Enter the transaction code SURVEY to start the Survey Cockpit.

    The Overview of Surveys screen appears.

  2. Choose Survey ® Create to create a new survey or open one of the existing surveys by double-clicking on the appropriate list entry.

    The Change Survey: <Name of Survey> screen appears.

  3. In the right screen area choose Assign Questionnaire.

    The system displays a list of all existing questionnaires from which you can select the desired questionnaire by simply clicking on it. The system assigns the questionnaire you selected to the survey.

  4. Save the survey.