Reuse of Web Survey Objects

For most object types the Web Survey component offers the possibility to reuse objects, which were created in the context of a specific survey, in another context. In this way you can reduce the effort that must be produced to solve a new task with the Web Survey. In addition, the reuse of objects provides for consistency in content and formal uniformity in your surveys.

Depending on which object type it concerns the procedure to reuse objects differs:

  • All questionnaires and target group hierarchies that you create in the Survey Cockpit are automatically available for reuse in other surveys.
  • You can add questionnaire elements such as individual questions or question groups to your favorites list in order to use them in other questionnaires. You can reuse elements within the same questionnaire by simply copying and pasting them.

You will find further information about the possibilities of reuse in the Web Survey in the following sections:

Reuse of Questionnaires

Reuse of Target Group Hierarchies

Reuse of Questionnaire Elements