Web Survey


You execute surveys with this component where you use the possibilities of the SAP System as well as the internet (e-mail and WWW) as the infrastructure. Possible applications are:

·        You can carry out employee surveys among the users of the SAP Systems in your company. You can obtain the recipients from the user data.

·        You can start a questionnaire action, the target group of which is one or several stakeholder groups of your company, for example, customers, suppliers, stockholders, investment bankers. You adopt the stakeholder groups from the Stakeholder Relationship Management application from the Strategic Enterprise Management component (SEM-SRM).

The sent questionnaires are filled out by the addressees, returned, and can be automatically evaluated in the system.


The survey function is integrated in the Stakeholder Relationship Management application from the Strategic Enterprise Management component (SEM-SRM) as of release 3.1A.


This component uses HTML control to process questionnaires in WYSIWYG mode. You require Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.02 (or higher) for this on the client PC.

In order to send questionnaires from the SAP System by e-mail, the SAPconnect component (BC-SRV-COM) must be set up for internet services. You must create an appropriate node in the SAPconnect administration and enter an RFC destination of the type TCP/IP connection with which you establish a connection to a mail server. You can find more detailed information on the procedure in the documentation on SAPconnect.


You create any number of surveys in the Survey Cockpit. You assign one or several questionnaires to every survey as well as a target group to which you want to send the questionnaires.  You can edit a questionnaire in two different ways, though you can switch between the different processing modes at any time:

·        In a content orientated view in which typical vocabulary for the survey has been used as far as possible in the user interface.  This processing mode makes it easy for the users to model a survey without detailed technical background knowledge (for example, employees from the marketing or PA department).

·        In the technical view (expert mode) which shows a higher level of detail and enables you to further refine question objects created in the content view, and extend them to include additional possibilities.

You create objects in a questionnaire as is normal in surveys:

·        Open and closed questions

·        Question groups with thematically related questions

·        Multiple choice questions

·        Questions for which several answers are allowed, or questions which demand a unique answer

·        Questions for which one of the preset answer alternatives must be selected and those which those questioned do not have to answer

You determine the recipient group of the survey using target groups that you assign to a survey. Target groups are made up of elements of the following types:

·        Individual persons who are defined in the system as users or business partners

·        Individual persons who are not defined in the system but whose e-mail address you know

·        Attributes on data elements or characteristics of the SAP Business Information Warehouse through which persons can be established (for example, the cost center manager assigned to the cost centers)

The filled in and returned questionnaires automatically get back into the Survey Cockpit using the system’s incoming mail function. Here you can evaluate the results with the integrated analysis function and display the results graphically.  In addition, using extractors that are part of the delivered SAP Business Content, you can transfer the results data into the SAP Business Information Warehouse and evaluate it with queries or process it further.