Technical Basics

The validity period of the communication data is stored in the corresponding table (ADR2, ADR3, ... , ADR13) in the new fields VALID_FROM and VALID_TO. The transfer structures ADTEL, ADFAX, ... , ADPAG were enhanced in the same way.

The fields VALID_FROM and VALID_TO each contain a time stamp. The elementary data type is a 14-character field. The value SPACE in the corresponding field means that the start or end of the validity is not restricted.

Other parameters that can change according to the time are:

·        Indicator for the default number

·        Indicator for the home address

·        For telephone numbers, the indicators for:

Ў        Default fixed line number

Ў        Default mobile telephone number

The validity period of these indicators (default indicators) is stored in the new table ADRU. The corresponding transfer structures are:

·        ADUSE if all default indicators of an address will be transferred

·        ADSUSE if only the default indicators for a communication type of an address will be transferred

The fields where these indicators were stored previously (FLGDEFAULT, HOME_FLAG, and R3_USER) have the state of the first validity interval on the database. The same applies to the redundant fields of the default telephone and fax number in the tables ADRC and ADCP.