Distributing Addresses Using ALE


The integration technology Application Link Enabling (ALE) is an important middleware tool in the Business Framework Architecture (BFA). ALE integrates business processes both between SAP Systems, and between SAP Systems and non-SAP systems. Data is exchanged between application systems in a controlled manner, and is kept consistent.

The application systems in an ALE integrated system are loosely coupled. Data is exchanged asynchronously. The system ensures that the data reaches the receiving system even if this is not available at the time the data is sent. ALE uses synchronous connections only for reading data.

The basis for distributed applications in an ALE integrated system is the asynchronous distribution of messages through outbound and inbound processing. Messages are distributed using data containers, called IDocs (Intermediate Documents).

For an introduction to ALE, see ALE Introduction and Administration.


The following master data objects with addresses can currently be distributed using ALE:

  • Customer master
  • Vendor master
  • SAP business partners
  • Bank master

Exceptions: As of Release 4.5, users (BOR object USER) are distributed together with their addresses in a commom IDoc. Company addresses assigned are distributed using the user company (BOR object USRCOMPANY).