Quarterly Adjustment

Reference data that can be used to check postal address data for correctness can be maintained in the SAP regional structure. The SAP regional structure is delivered empty and must be filled by the customer. See also the documentation on postal validation using BAdIs. As part of the quarterly adjustment, addresses are adjusted according to changed reference data. This changed data can be the result of renaming streets or adding new housing estates, for example.

The quarterly adjustment is available as of Release 4.6B. For more information, see SAP Note 333946.

The quarterly adjustment consists of two main parts:

·        The update of the postal reference data in the SAP regional structure after the data has first been imported or created The data is updated in two ways:

Ў        Regular import of current data by means of report RSADRLSM02 (once every quarter, six months, or year, depending on the type of data)

Ў        Manual modification of the reference data by using the SAP Reference IMG (corresponds to transactions SR11, SR21, and SR31)

·        The correction of the addresses existing in the system according to the new data The addresses are selected and adjusted according to the new reference data.

In the following, this process is referred to as the quarterly adjustment.

Tools for the Quarterly Adjustment

The main tool that has been available since Release 4.5B for the import and update of reference data in the SAP regional structure is the report RSADRLSM02.

For more information, see SAP Note 132948.

Report RSADRLSM02 should only be used with the SAP regional structure. Providers of solutions that are integrated by using the BAdI ADDRESS_CHECK provide their own procedure for this purpose. For more information, see the provider's documentation.

After the reference data has been updated in the SAP regional structure, all addresses used in the system whose postal data is based on the data in the city file, and is reconciled and checked with it, have to be adjusted to the changed data.

Reports RSADRQU1, RSADRQU2 and RSADRQU3 are available for this purpose.

Stages of the Quarterly Adjustment - Overview



SAP Regional Structure

Partner Solution


Update reference data



<Partner solution>


Select addresses




Check selected addresses (from step 1) using the updated reference data




Write changed addresses to the database



Additional Notes and Comments

If addresses are changed in other transactions during the quarterly adjustment, these are not updated by report RSADRQU3. The log for report RSADRQU3 will then contain a corresponding message. It can usually be assumed that the address has already been checked against the updated reference data when the change occurred in the system.

Since the data selected for update using report RSADRQU1 is only stored temporarily, it is recommended that you execute and complete the quarterly adjustment, according to the procedure described above, soon after it has been activated. However, it does not usually cause any problems if you do delay the execution of the individual steps.