Postal Code


A code assigned to an address that facilitates the delivery of post. The national post authorities control the assignment of postal codes and their granularity.


If the address check against the postal regional structure is activated, the system checks whether the postal code entered exists and whether it can be used for the purpose specified (delivery, P.O. Box, and so on).

The Postal code object can be accessed in the following transactions:

  • SR30 - Create postal code
  • SR31 - Change postal code
  • SR32 - Display postal code

or by choosing SAP Web Application Server ® Basis Services ® Address Management ® Regional Structure/City file ® Postal Codes in the SAP Reference IMG (transaction SPRO).


Since postal codes are not unique across countries, the country also has to be specified when a postal code is created. The permitted usage (delivery, P.O. Box, and so on) is also stored for the postal code.