SAP Regional Structure


Objects for facilitating address entry and checking postal correctness. These objects are the postal code, city, and street.


The SAP Regional Structure (or Regional Structure for short) is a postal regional structure and is used for checking addresses entered. The central storage of city and street names and the assignment of postal codes in the Regional Structure ensure that addresses are written and structured correctly. Address entry is also facilitated by country-specific algorithms.

    • In the Netherlands, an address can be specified with postal code and house number only. In Germany, the postal code can be determined directly from the city, in many cases.
    • When data objects are created that refer directly or indirectly to an address, various fields can be predefined or proposed on request.

The addresses are then checked against the Regional Structure if the appropriate indicator (XREGS) is selected in the table T005 (country table).


The SAP Regional Structure consists of the following objects: Postal code, city and street, as well as the usage of these objects. In the case of city and street, there are also subobjects that are described with the relevant objects.


The SAP Regional Structure is integrated in Business Address Services (component BC-SRV-ADR).