Consistency Checks and Formal Checks

The contents of address fields are checked separately against check tables (foreign key checks) and together in the context for consistency and plausibility.

With a few exceptions, the checks of the fields of the postal address structure and name components, forms of address, and so on, are grouped in the function module ADDR_CHECK. The specified field names relate to the database tables ADRC and ADRP.

If a value is not contained in the corresponding check table, this is regarded as an error and the address is rejected.

To avoid incorrect entries, you can use the F4 Help for the relevant fields.

These checks are provided automatically with BAS.

The check tables are Customizing tables (exception: language table) and can be maintained in the SAP Reference IMG. You can make most settings under SAP Web Application Server ® Basis Services ® Address Management. Global settings, such as countries, regions and time zones, are found in the SAP Reference IMG under General Settings.

Empty fields are not checked.

You will find the following sections on consistency checks:

    • Country
    • Region
    • Time zone
    • Transport zone
    • Tax Jurisdiction Code
    • Regional structure grouping
    • Reasons for undeliverability
    • Correspondence language
    • Source/Origin of address
    • Length of the street, city, and district fields
    • Form of address
    • Name fields for company addresses (address type 1)
    • Name fields for persons (address types 2 and 3)
    • Title and name prefixes for persons (address types 2 and 3)
    • Formatting rules (name format and country)