Maintenance of Where-Used Lists


You must create a where-used list whenever you save a reference to an address or a person in a record of your application table.

See also: The Where-Used List.


The application must register BAS usage in table TSADRV before an address or person can be created together with where-used list. By means of this registration, the BAS check for each reference passed if the application has filled the where-used list correctly (see Structure of the Where-Used List). This prevents program errors on the application side.

In addition, you can use other fields to specify the where-used list more precisely:

  • By means of logical table names, you introduce an additional reference level so that changes to names of application tables in the DDIC do not affect the where-used list.
  • You can specify callback function modules for BAPIs (to determine the address or person number).
  • You can fill fields for determining the owner object (BOR object name, offset/length of the BOR key in the application key, or name of the callback function module for determining the object dynamically).

The data elements for the fields of table TSADRV provide more information on these settings.