Activating House Names


If you want to check addresses using house names instead of house numbers in the regional structure, the reference data must contain an assignment of house names to postal codes.

Use this procedure to determine the field in which to maintain the house name. The settings are country-dependent.


       1.      Start transaction SA21.

       2.      Choose New Entries.

       3.      Select the country for which you want to use house names.

       4.      Enter the name of the field in which you want to maintain the house names.

                            a.      Select a field in address maintenance, in which you want to maintain the house names.

You should use a field whose print position within the address corresponds to the position of the house name. For house names in Great Britain, we recommend field “Street3” (printed directly above the street).

                            b.      In the address window, choose F1 help on that field.

                            c.      Choose Technical info.

                            d.      Copy the field name (for example, STR_SUPPL2 for field “Street3”).

                            e.      Insert this field name into transaction SA21.

       5.      Save your entries.


The house name is activated for the selected countries.