Integration of Address Maintenance for a Customizing Table

Process Flow

To automatically display address maintenance for a Customizing table, you have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Add a field for storing the address number to the table or the view. To do this, use domain AD_ADDRNUM. Based on the address domain, the system automatically generates an indicator (OBJH-OBJHASADDR) in transaction SE54 which specifies if the table or view contains an address or not.
  2. Maintain the TSADRV entry as described in Address Maintenance in Customizing.
  3. Use transaction SE54 to generate the table maintenance dialog for transaction SM30 (see also: BC - Generate Table Maintenance Dialog).


Address maintenance is now an integral part of Customizing object maintenance.

The address dialog box is called when you choose the address icon. If an address has already been maintained for the object, this address appears in either change or display mode on the dialog box.

If no address has been maintained for the object or if no address exists for an address number, the system takes you automatically to the screen for creating an address.

When you create an object, the system takes you automatically to the address dialog box at the time you release or save the data to prompt you to maintain the address. You can skip the address dialog box using the Cancel function.

You can find examples of address maintenance in Customizing in transactions OX10 (plants) and OX02 (company codes). (See also: Customizing Objects Using Address Functionality).