Logical Table Names in Where-Used Lists


For Release 4.0, the number of characters allowed for DDIC tables and field names was increased to 30. BAS introduced logical table names to prevent where-used lists from being converted.

Using a logical table name provides applications with the advantage that modified DDIC names only have to be changed once in TSADRV . The entries in the tables for the where-used lists ( ADRV , ADRVP ) are not affected by this change.

Assignment of Logical Table to DDIC Table

In the where-used list, the application passes the logical table name. Using the entry in TSADRV , BAS can then assign the logical table name to the DDIC table name (the same applies to ADRVP ):


Normally, new BAS users use the same logical name and DDIC name except if the DDIC table name or field name has more than 10 characters. If you want to change the DDIC table (or field) name later on, you also have to change the field DDIC_TABLE ( DDIC_FIELD ) of your TSADRV entry.