Data Conversion for Release 4.0

Data is converted for Release 4.0 using XPRA RSXADR01 . This report performs the data conversion required for an upgrade to Release 4.0 for the migration to Business Address Services and creates a where-used list by means of the address number references.

During data conversion, data is only transferred to the BAS tables. No table contents are deleted.

During upgrade preparation, function module ADDR_UPGRADE_PREPARE of BAS is called in phase JOB_RSCNVAD . This function module writes an error to the log if the number of addresses involved exceeds 50,000. In this case, you can convert large amounts of data in prestep mode using report RSXADR05 . This allows you to considerably reduce the runtime of XPRA RSXADR01 . This does not lead to inconsistencies or effect operation.

For more information, see SAP Note 82167.