Name Components, Forms of Address, and so on

Form of address

The form of address is stored using a key. This Form-of-address key is checked against check table TSAD3. Table TSAD3 is used as a check table for all three address types.

The form-of-address texts are stored in table TSAD3T, which is language-dependent. The use of the dropdown list box dialog element in dialog ensures that only valid forms of address can be chosen.

It can also be indicated in check table TSAD3 whether the form of address is to be valid for companies or persons.

Only the forms of address that are valid for the business partner type (company/person) are proposed in the SAP Business Partner maintenance transaction.

All forms of address are permitted in the context of applications in which personal addresses can also be entered using a type 1 address (for example, customer/vendor in R/3).

Name fields for company addresses (address type 1)

The fields Name1, Name2, Name3, and Name4 for company addresses are 40 characters long. In the context of some applications, only 35 characters can be processed, as with the fields Street, City, and District. The length of the fields Name1-4 is also checked.

If the content of a field is longer than 35 characters, a warning is output. The message used is the same as that for the fields Street, City, and District, as is the Customizing of this message.

Name fields for persons (address types 2 and 3)

The fields First name (NAME_FIRST) and Last name (NAME_LAST) are 40 characters long for personal addresses and workplace addresses. The restriction of use to 35 characters, for example with transmission using EDI, occurs in fewer cases than with address type 1.

A warning is also output for these fields if the content of a field is longer than 35 characters. Since the same message is used as for company addresses, the same Customizing specifications for the message also apply.

Title and name prefixes for persons (address types 2 and 3)

The fields for the academic title (TITLE_ACA1 and TITLE_ACA2) are checked against check table TSAD2. The texts of the titles are language-independent. Table TSAD2T, which contains language-dependent descriptions, also facilitates Customizing and use of the input help for this field.

The fields for the prefixes (PREFIX1 and PREFIX2) are checked against check table TSAD4. The prefixes are language-independent; there is no text table.

The field TITLE_SPPL for the additional title (for example, noble title) is checked against check table TSAD5. These titles are also language-independent. As for the academic titles, there is also a table containing language-dependent descriptions to facilitate Customizing and use of the input help. In this case, it is table TSAD5T.

Formatting rules (name format and country)

The full name of the person is compiled from the name components, titles, and prefixes and is stored in the field NAME_TEXT. Rules can be defined in Customizing for the composition of this field from these components.

For more information, choose SAP Web Application Server ® Basis Services ® Address Management (BC-SRV-ADR) ® "Maintain name formatting rules" activity, in the IMG.

A country for name formatting and a country-specific format can be maintained for personal data (address type 2 and address type 3). The country for name formatting (field NAMCOUNTRY) is checked against table T005 and the format for name formatting (field NAMEFORMAT), along with the country specification, are checked against table T005N.