Addresses updated with report RSADRQU2 or with the report delivered by a third-party provider are written to the database with report RSADRQU3.

After this report has ended, an error log is output for all addresses for which the adjustment could not be performed.


Difference tables have been generated by using report RSADRLSM02, or by manual changes. The reports RSADRQU1 and RSADRQU2 have been executed.

Completing the Quarterly Adjustment


       1.      Start report RSADRQU3.

The adjusted address data is stored on the database.

If the report terminates or is ended early for other reasons, it can restarted at any time.

As long as report RSADRQU3 is not executed and run completely, the quarterly adjustment remains active. The status in table ADRCNTRYQU is not reset until the quarterly adjustment has completely finished.