Deleting Where-Used Lists and Addresses

A record of an application table refers to an address using the address number and/or person number, if applicable. When the record is deleted, the associated where-used list must be also deleted. From the point of view of the address or person, we must distinguish between two scenarios:

  • The address has one or more owners.
  • The address does not have an owner.

Depending on the scenario, you have to use a different procedure for deleting addresses and where-used lists. The units Deleting Addresses with One or More Owners and Deleting Addresses Without Owners explain how to proceed.

Function Module Overview

Generally, the following function modules exist (compare Working with the BAS):

Function Module



Deletes a where-used list in ADRV (address types 1/2).


Deletes a where-used list in ADRVP (address types 2/3).


Deletes an address of type <type> and/or a where-used list.


Deletes an international version for the address of type <type>.

For information on the precise behavior of these function modules, see the units Function Modules for Deleting References and Function Modules for Deleting Addresses.