Screen Template and Print Formatting for Japan

The screen template and print formatting for Japan provide country-specific support in address management.

Now it is possible in Customizing to select a Japanese variant of the screen template for address maintenance. In systems where international address versions are used, it therefore makes sense when maintaining addresses for various international address versions to use different screen templates. The corresponding print formatting for the screen template is also provided.

The functions for maintaining Japanese addresses are available as of SAP Web AS 6.20, Support Package 28.

For more information, see SAP Note 639035.

Screen Template 013

The Japanese address components are displayed in a sequence that differs from the European or American layout. The sequence of the Japanese address components in the new screen template is shown in the following table:

Field Name

Area Description


Postal code


Prefecture (To-Do-Fu-Ken)


City/ward/county/town/village names corresponding to the JIS X0402 codes


Street or area address descriptions/block codes (banchi, gou, and so on)


Building name/building number, floor number, or room number

The prefecture can be selected in a dropdown list under Region. All fields that are described in the table above are contained in the default view of the new screen template.

If you use this screen variant, we recommend that you assign the value JP for the user parameter LND in transaction SU3 or SU01.

Address Formatting 113

The new layout 113 is used for the following cases:

·        Mail within Japan

·        Mail from outside Japan

Mail Within Japan

Within Japan, the formatting follows the principle “from the top down, the level of detail increases.”

·        Postal code (possibly with a hyphen as the fourth character)

·        Prefecture and city without a blank space

·        District (if used)

·        Street with house number or PO box

·        c/o name (if used)

·        Mandatory blank line

·        Name1 form of address

·        Name2

·        Name3

·        Name4


TOKYO Chiyoda-ku

Otemachi 1-chome7-2

Tokyo Sankei Bldg

c/o SAP Japan

Tanaka Taro Mr.

Mail from Outside Japan

The subprogram corresponds almost exactly to the subprogram for the USA and certain Anglo-Saxon countries. The name of the prefecture is taken from the field Region and added to the new print layout.

House Number is also included when printing, which was not the case in the old print layout 013.

From outside Japan, the following formatting applies:

·        Name block with form of address

(The form of address is always printed in English.)

·        c/o name (if used)

·        Street with house number or PO box

·        District (if used)

·        City, prefecture

(This is printed with a blank space as a separator, and the name of the prefecture is always printed in English.)

·        Postal code, country

Mr. Taro Tanaka

c/o SAP Japan

7-2 Otemachi 1-chome

Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO

100-0004 JAPAN