Postal Check

The postal check is used to validate addresses entered. In contrast to the plausibility checks, address data found that is valid according to the rules of the relevant country but which does not exist is regarded as an error.

You receive messages of the following type:

"The postal code 79100 is not valid for Hamburg" or

"The street "Kurfurstendamm" does not exist in Munich".

Errors of this type are also found by the SAP regional structure, which also uses reference data.

Use of the Postal Check

The postal check is based on reference data. This data is in the SAP System if you are using the SAP solution. If you are using a partner solution, the reference data may also be on a different server outside of the SAP System. The reference data tables have to be filled before the check is activated. This applies whether you are using the SAP regional structure or a separate solution for this add in. If you are using the solution of a third-party, they will deliver the reference data and keep it up-to-date. See also: Quarterly Adjustment.