Changes to Dialog Behavior

If the maintenance of the validity period of the communication data has been activated (by transferring the parameter IV_TIME_DEPENDENCE = 'X' with the function module ADDR_*_DIALOG_PREPARE), the maintenance behavior changes as follows:

·        On the main screen, the current default number is displayed for the communication types telephone, mobile telephone, fax, and e-mail.

·        The corresponding button that leads to the detail screen of the communication type is highlighted in color if there is at least one number that is not displayed on the main screen. This is the case if there is more than one number for this communication type, or if there is a number that is not valid at the time of execution.

·        On the detail screen for each communication type there are the fields Valid from, Valid to, Default from, and Default to.

Ў        The fields Valid from and Valid to specify the validity period of the number.

Ў        The fields Default from and Default to specify for which period this number is the default number.

If a number is a default number in more than one interval, the first interval is offered for maintenance, and the indicator More refers to the other intervals. You can maintain additional intervals by selecting the number and choosing Other Defaults.