Integration into the Application

Many application programs use the print function module ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM of Business Address Services. A large number of print programs call this function module indirectly through SAPScript, for example. In the address window of SAPScript, you can use the control command ADDRESS to set the parameters of ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM.

As of Release 4.6C, Smart Forms use this function module as well.

To ensure correct printing, the parameter ADDRESS_TYPE must be set correctly by the calling program when the print function module is called. Depending on the address type, value 1, 2 or 3 must be assigned.

There are two ways to pass the address to be formatted to the print function module:

·        Using the address number: This type of call is recommended for all applications that use BAS addresses. For address type 1, parameter ADDRESS_NUMBER must be filled. For address types 2 and 3, the person number must additionally be specified using the parameter PERSON_NUMBER. It is also possible to format addresses that have not yet been saved. In this case, you must specify the address handle instead of the address number, and the person handle instead of the person number.

·        Passing all relevant fields (address attributes) of the address directly to the print function module: This type of call is used by all applications that do not yet use BAS to store their addresses. In order to pass the structure with the address fields for each address type, you use parameter ADDRESS_1, ADDRESS_2 or ADDRESS_3.

You can find the documentation for the function module and its parameters in the Function Builder (SE37) of the SAP System.