Country Formatting

The format of the address depends on whether the sender and the recipient country are identical or not. If the countries are not identical, the country is always indicated, either by its full name or by its vehicle country key.

If the full country name is used, the formatting routine uses the language of the sender country. If no language is specified for the sender country or if the sender country is not indicated, the logon language is used instead. Applications can override these default settings using parameters of the function module ADDR_INTO_PRINTFORM .

Country-Specific Country Formatting

The formatting routines for the formatting keys 001 (European standard formatting), 002 (Italy), 011 (Switzerland) and 014 (Austria) use the vehicle country key of the relevant country. If no vehicle country key has been maintained in Customizing, the country key of table T005 is used instead.

If, for the sender country, the indicator for printing the country name in foreign addresses is set in table T005 , the system does not use the country key, but generally prints the country name in the last address line.