Street Line Output

The street lines are printed one after another (provided that a sufficient number of lines is available) according to the following pattern:

  • Content of field Street 2
  • Content of field Street3
  • Street line
  • Content of field Street 4
  • Content of field Street 5

The fields Street 2 to Street 5 enable you to use other required parts of address lines (for example, building, block, sector, square, floor, apartment, and so on) in various countries flexibly, without having to specify their meaning unchangeably.The field print output positions are as specified above.

In contrast, the meaning of the field 'Street' is clearly defined and unambiguous – as it is interpreted as a unit of structure in most western countries. In addition, the Street field is used for searches (that are not case-sensitive) and can be checked against postal codes (city and street directory), for example.

In some countries, the district may be printed above the city line or the street lines.

Street Line Formatting

The street line comprises the fields Street, House number and House number supplement.

In the Anglo-Saxon countries the fields are in the order House number, Street, House number supplement, while in most European countries the order is Street, House number, House number supplement.

When you maintain an address, you can make an entry into the fields Building code, Room and Floor, for example, to allow searches. However, these fields are not printed. If you want to print the building, room and floor information, you must enter it into the fields Street 2 to Street 5 in exactly the output format you require.