Street and P.O. Box Formatting

An address consists of several postal attributes (address fields). These attributes can be assigned to either a street address or a P.O. box address. The address itself contains all address fields. However, when the address is printed, you must decide if you want to use the attributes of the street address or of the P.O. box address.

This difference is indicated in address maintenance by means of two different group boxes for the street and the P.O. box address.

Input Fields

The following fields belong to the street address and P.O. box address:

Street address

P.O. box address

Street 2

  • P.O. box

Street 3

Street, house number, supplement

Street 4

  • Indicator P.O. box without number (if the P.O. box does not have a number and only the words 'P.O. box' are to be printed)

Street 5


Other city

Postal code, city

Postal code of the P.O. box/company postal code, other city of P.O. box


Other region


Other country

You must only specify the fields for another city, region or country if these are not identical to the corresponding fields of the street address. If they are identical to these fields or if the fields of the street address are not filled, then you must enter these three fields directly in the street address.

There are also so-called major customer addresses. These addresses have a postal code of their own which must be entered into the field for the company postal code. If you enter such a postal code, the fields for the P.O. box and the P.O. box postal code need not be filled.

Selecting the Address Type

In the print preview of the address, users determine if they want to output the fields of the street or of the P.O. box address. The application controls this using the parameter STREET_HAS_PRIORITY of the function module ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM . If this parameter is set, then the fields of the street address are used for formatting. Otherwise, the P.O. box address is used (in this case, no street lines are required). The system checks in advance if the relevant fields are filled.