Print Preview

The BAS standard dialogs all contain a Print preview pushbutton that enables users to display formatted addresses in a dialog box. This allows users to check the formatting of the address when they maintain the data, which makes it easier to intuitively understand the meaning of the different fields by means of the print screen and thus supports the field description of the keywords specified.

In addition, users can vary the following parameters:

  • Sender country (default setting: the country specified in user parameter 'LND‘ or the country in the user address; if none of these two values has been maintained, the default is 'US‘)
  • Printing of street or P.O. box addresses (default setting: P.O. box address – if available; otherwise street address)
  • Number of lines available for printing (default setting: 10 lines)

If these parameters are maintained, the address is reformatted and displayed accordingly.

Addresses are displayed in the print preview according to the address formatting of the function module ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM. Applications that do not use the BAS standard dialog call the function module ADDRESS_SHOW_PRINTFORM to display the print preview.

Users print the address displayed using the print function in the dialog box.

The formatting of an address in a form or a print program may be different from that in the print preview if the address number is not used for the call and if not all fields maintained are passed in the print program.