E-Mail Address Checks

The function module SX_INTERNET_ADDRESS_TO_NORMAL is called to check and format e-mail addresses. The following is checked in this function module:

  • The system first checks whether the e-mail address contains the @ character. If it does not, an error message is displayed. The other operations depend on the success of this first check. The address is only broken down and checked further if the @ is found.

As of SAP Web AS 6.10, an e-mail address that is invalid, according to check logic, triggers an error message.

This applies to all function module checks, not only for those for the existence of the @ character. Before SAP Web AS 6.10, an invalid address was accepted and standardization only involved the conversion into upper case letters.

  • The formats of the components Local (name before the @), Domain (domain after the @), and comment are then checked. The valid formats are:
    • Local@Domain
    • <Local@Domain>
    • Comment <Local@Domain>
    • "Comment" <Local@Domain>
    • Local@Domain (Comment)

partner@sap.com (mySAP.com Software Partner Program) is a valid entry form.

(mySAP.com Software Partner Program) partner@sap.com is an invalid entry form.

A few special characters, such as the period, are allowed within the Local and Domain components. An error message is returned if non-permitted special characters are entered. A standardized form is also inferred by the function module. The comment is eliminated and the domain is treated as case-insensitive.

The local part can be case-sensitive.

The first 20 characters of the standardized form are converted into upper case letters and stored in the search field ADR6-SMTP_SRCH. This enables a superset of the actual hit list to be displayed quickly when you search with an e-mail address entry. The exact hit list is then determined by comparing the search string with the exact field values.

Parameters can be set in the calling application to specify whether a case-insensitive search is also to be carried out in the local part in this comparison.

The search string should be standardized before a program-driven search is carried out using the function module ADDR_COMM_FIND_KEY. The function module SX_INTERNET_ADDRESS_TO_NORMAL has to be called for this.