Addresses of Customizing Objects

Before you can run your system, you must set several system parameters in Customizing for the applications. The settings of application objects form one business unit. It makes sense to maintain the relevant parameters in a single step. To do this, you use transaction SOBJ to define Customizing objects. Although the parameters of these objects may be distributed among many database tables, they can easily be maintained using maintenance views. To make usage of these maintenance views consistent, a standardized table maintenance transaction is available. This transaction is called Extended Table Maintenance (SM30).

To ensure that you can make the settings in a structured way, IMG activities are provided that take you to extended table maintenance. To do this, the system calls a parameterized transaction that starts the table maintenance transaction.

Transaction OY01 (change country global parameters) starts transaction SM30 with maintenance view V_T005. This Customizing object does not have an address.

Many Customizing objects have an address which is maintained together with the other settings. These addresses are also called Customizing addresses.

Customizing object Change plants (transaction OX10) has an address and uses maintenance view V_T001W.