Identifier “SMS-Enabled”

Process Model

The address management provides the identifier “SMS-enabled”. This enables the following process:

SMS-enabled phones can be identified as such in the dialog. This allows you to use this identifier in your program.

You can use this feature in marketing campaigns.

The identifier is registered in the phone table ADR2 and the corresponding dialog structure ADTEL in the field DFT_RECEIV.

The ‘SMS-enabled’ identifier can also be set for fixed net phone numbers.

Data Model

You use field ADR2-DFT_RECEIV to register whether a phone number is SMS-enabled or not.

Up to now, the process ‘Send SMS’ was mapped via the communication type ‘pager’. The reason is that an SMS-enabled phone offers two different communication services: ‘call’ and ‘send short message’.


To send SMS, the ‘pager’ channel is still used. For each SMS-enabled phone number (DFT_RECEIV = ‘X’), a copy is created in the pager table ADR13, which cannot be changed interactively; it is kept there simultaneously to the original in table ADR2. In table ADR13, for each of these copies a reverse reference is kept that contains the running number of the original phone number; this number is encrypted in the ADR13 fields DFT_RECEIV and R3_USER. To this copy, a pager service must be assigned in table ADR13 in the PAGER_SERV field. Proceed as follows:

When customizing table TSAPD containing the pager services, you can mark exactly one pager service as SMS service (field TSAPD-PAGER_USE).

·        If such a service exists, it is selected. You reach this function via

Ў        Transaction SM30, Table TSAPD

Ў        Transaction SA14

Ў        Transaction SPRO, IMG path SAP Web Application Server ® Basis Services ® Address Management ® Define Pager Services.

·        If no marked SMS service exists but a service named ‘SMS’, the system selects this service.

·        If no pager service exists, the ‘SMS’ pager service is created and selected.

If this does not happen, an error message is displayed and you cannot mark a phone number as SMS-enabled.

Processing Blocks


The new transaction OY09 allows you to customize for each country whether to propose the identifier ‘SMS-enabled’ in the dialog for creating a new mobile phone number.

This is only a proposal; the identifier can be changed at will.

Other ways of access are SM30, view V_T005K_1, or IMG path General Settings ® Set Countries ® Maintain Mobile Phone Properties.

The maintenance dialog for table TSAPD in transaction SA14 has been enhanced by the field for pager use, which you can use to mark the SMS service.

Function Modules

New Function Modules

The new function module ADDR_GET_SMS_SERVICE returns which pager service in table TSAPD was marked as SMS service. If there is no such service but a service named ‘SMS’, it returns this service. If this service does not exist either, the exception NO_SMS_SERVICE_EXISTS is triggered.

Existing Function Modules

As the structures ADTEL and ADPAG were not changed, all existing function modules work as usual (especially ADDR_COMM_GET, ADDR_COMM_MAINTAIN, etc.); only field ADTEL-DFT_RECEIV passes additional information.