Displaying Graphics in Templates


If you insert graphic nodes as inferior nodes of a template node, the Output options tab contains the Horizontal position box. The horizontal position usually refers to the output window.

This procedure describes how you position a graphic within a template.


You already created a template node as an inferior node of a window node and inserted a graphic node for a cell (see Displaying Contents in Cells).


Horizontal Position

You can determine the horizontal position of a graphic within a cell only in relation to the left cell margin. On the Output options tab of the graphic node you find the Horizontal position box. Set the Reference point to Window and the Alignment to Left. In the printout, the graphic appears at the left cell margin.

You can determine the horizontal position via the distance from the left margin (input field next to the alignment.

Vertical Position

By default the graphic is displayed at the upper cell margin. To influence the vertical position of a graphic within a cell, insert other nodes before the graphic node, for example, a text node whose output consists of blanks. You must assign this node to the same cell as the graphic node. Now the graphic is shifted downwards.


The system positions the graphic in the cell according to the settings you made.