Displaying Contents in Cells


The template node defines the table layout. The inferior nodes of the template node determine the data to be displayed in the table cells.


You already created a template node as an inferior node of a window node and defined the table layout.


  1. Use the context menu of the template node to create inferior nodes.

    For clarity reasons create one folder node for each line. The folder node is an outline node that you can use to combine related nodes. For folder nodes, you need not fill in the input fields in the Output structure box (see next step).

  2. The Output options tabs of the inserted nodes now contain an additional box Output structure with the fields Line and Column. Assign each node to the cell in which you want the output to appear.

You can assign several nodes to one cell. The output sequence within the cell is determined by the sequence of the nodes in the tree.


The system displays the contents in the print preview or prints them.