Downloading and Uploading Forms


You use this function to download and store an entire form or a subtrees of it as an XML file on your local PC. Then, you can upload the XML file into the same or a different form. This enables you to reuse, for example, a table output you created for one form in a different form.

You can also use the clipboard in the navigation tree to copy subtrees from one form to another.


When uploading subtrees of a form, it is your responsibility to make sure that the styles and fields of the downloaded subtree exist in the target form as well. If they don't, you must create them.

When uploading the subtrees of a Smart Form, SAP Smart Forms writes the form data into the clipboard. This procedure deletes any data you may have stored there (by using Cut or Copy in the context menu).


  1. To download an entire form, choose Utilities ® Download Form. When storing the form in a directory you selected, SAP Smart Forms automatically offers the form name as file name.
  2. To download a subtree of the form, in the navigation tree double-click an inferior node of the Pages and Windows node as root node of the form. Then choose Utilities ® Download Subtree and store the subtree in a directory of your PC.
  3. To upload a file again, choose Utilities ® Upload. Smart Forms automatically knows whether the file contains an entire form or a subtree:
    • If the file contains an entire form, it overwrites the current form in the Form Builder. However, you receive a warning first.
    • If the file contains a subtree, Smart Forms copies the subtree into the clipboard. To paste the subtree, go to the position in the navigation tree, at which you want to insert the subtree, call the context menu, and choose Paste .
  1. Before uploading a subtree, you should check whether all fields and styles used in the subtree are known in the target form. If not, you must create them.