Migrating BDS Graphics into the MIME Repository


Before you start to migrate a Smart Form into a PDF-based form, you have to migrate all the graphics used in the Smart Form into the MIME Repository. Migrated graphics are then available in BMP format and can be used in PDF-based forms. The migration report RSXFT_MIGRATE_BDS_GRAPHICS allows you to migrate single or all BDS graphics into the MIME Repository.


The graphics are available on the Business Document Server (BDS). For more information, see Printing Graphics.


       1.      Choose System ® Services ® Reporting  (transaction SA38), and enter the report RSXFT_MIGRATE_BDS_GRAPHICS.

       2.      Choose Execute.

       3.      Specify the BDS key fields Graphic name, Graphic object, Graphic ID, and Graphic type. If you do not know these fields, you can find them in the administration of form graphics (transaction SE78) by looking for graphics. To do this, select a corresponding node and use the F4 Help for the Names field. The system displays a table that contains the key fields.

       4.      If you want the system to overwrite any graphics of the same name in the MIME Repository, select Overwrite.

       5.      Choose Execute.

       6.      Assign the migrated graphic to a package, or save the graphic as a local object.

       7.      If the package is assigned to a transport request, the system prompts you to enter the name of the request.

If you want to assign migrated graphics to different packages, you have to execute the report for each package. To do so, specify the corresponding selection criteria under point 3.


The specified graphics are migrated. A log is created in the application log and displayed. This log is kept in the system for three days. The graphics are in the navigation tree of the MIME Repository under Graphic Object ® Graphic ID ® Graphic Type ® Graphic Name.

The directory structure is as follows:

·        Root directory: /sap/bc/fp/graphics/public

·        Complete URL:


<root directory>/<graphic object>/<graphic ID>/<graphic type>/<graphic name>.bmp

<Protocol>, <server>, and <port> are properties of the SAP Web Application Server.


The following graphic needs to be migrated.

Graphic in Business Document Service

BDS Key Field


Graphic name


Graphic object


Graphic ID


Graphic type

Bitmap image color (BCOL)

The migrated graphic is stored in the MIME Repository in the following directory:

·        /graphics/bmap/bcol/enjoy

The complete URL is as follows:

·        <protocol>://<server>:<port>/sap/bc/fp/graphics/public/graphics/bmap/bcol/enjoy.bmp