Spool Processing


By default, SAP Smart Forms sends forms to spool processing and passes parameters to the spool dialog of the SAP System. Using this dialog, the user can control the form output. The user can, for example:

  • Start a new spool request
  • Determine the retention time of a request in the spool
  • Specify a page selection
  • Link an authorization to the spool request
  • Specify archiving settings

In addition, the user can branch to a print preview from the first screen of the spool dialog.


The functions associated with these settings are no longer part of SAP Smart Forms, but rather of spool processing or of SAP ArchiveLink (see: Archiving).

For information on the functions of the SAP spool system, see SAP Printing Guide (BC-CCM-PRN). This also tells you how to set up a printer in the SAP System.


Output Formats

Smart Forms can pass the following output formats to spool processing:

  • OTF (standard output)
  • XSF (without HTML)
  • XDF

Output Options in the Spool

SAP Smart Forms provides standard parameters that can be used to adapt the spool dialog to the requirements of the application (see also: Controlling the Spool Dialog).

In many cases, it makes sense to bundle several forms into one spool request. For more information, see Printing Several Forms in One Print Request.