Form Output

In classical form printing, you print forms on the printer. SAP Smart Forms provides the form in the Output Text Format ( OTF) (Standard Output). In addition, there are other output media.

Apart form OTF, however, there are other output formats with different objectives:

  • XML for Smart Forms ( XSF) and XML for Form Data ( XDF) to connect external components of the SAP System to form output
  • Hypertext Markup Language ( HTML) to directly display a form in the web browser (see also: Web Forms for Internet Applications)

Controlling Form Output

To control form output, do the following:

  • Use the Form Attributes to determine the default settings for the output format and the output medium (static settings).
  • You can overrule these settings using the standard parameters when you call the Smart Form (dynamic settings).

For more details, refer to the relevant sections of the Output Format or the Output Medium.

Default is Standard Output (OTF). See also: Default Settings (Standard Output).