Using Simple Input Types


The input types Text, Checkbox, Reset, Hidden, and Submit are simple input types. On a Web form, the user can assign a value to a field of this input type independently of other fields.


The text node must have the text type Text element or Text module.


Flagging Fields

  1. If they are not already there, add the fields that you want to use as simple input elements on a Web form to the text element or text module (see: Including Fields in the PC Editor).
  2. Use a line of the table to specify the Web attributes of a field. The table fields Group Name and Default have no meaning for simple input types. For more information, see the F1 help.

Assigning Texts to Pushbuttons

In the case of the input types Reset and Submit, the value of a field is identical to the text on the pushbutton. Therefore, you have to assign this text to the field before you display the field.

You cannot create ABAP text elements within a Smart Form. To enable texts of pushbuttons to be translated, you have to create the ABAP text elements in the application program and pass the texts at the form interface.


In XSF output, SAP Smart Forms flags the fields that you selected as input fields. In HTML output, these fields become HTML input fields.

See also: Input Elements.