Web Attributes


You can output a Smart Form in HTML format and then use it as a Web form. The Web Attributes tab page enables you to do the following on such a Web form:

  • Use fields in the text as input elements. This is only possible with text nodes of the text type Text element or Text module.
  • Use a text node as a text area. This is possible with all text types.

The length of a field for a Web form is also limited to 255 characters.


Input Types

Transferring Fields with Simple and Group Input Types

  • To copy the field name of the fields that you want to use as input elements on a Web form, you can either: Enter the field name(s) manually in the Field Name column, or
  • Choose to copy all fields of the corresponding text node into the table.

All attributes of a field abc, which is specified here, apply for each occurrence of abc in the text node. If you do not want each occurrence of abc to have Web attributes, you have to use two text nodes for the same text.