Output in XSF Format


XSF stands for XML for Smart Forms and is an XML schema designed for the output of form contents. XSF output does not contain any layout information. Using XSF output, external applications outside the SAP System can access and process the contents of forms.

Software partners can receive a certificate from SAP for products that access the XSF interface (BC-XSF). For more information, see the Software Partner Program on http://www.sap.com/spp.

Based on the XSF output, you can use SAP Smart Forms to generate an HTML output. See also: Output in HTML Format.


To output XSF using spool processing, at least one printer of type 'XSF' must be set up in the system.

See also: SAP Printing Guide (BC-CCM-PRN).


Activating XSF Output

You can activate XSF output both statically and dynamically:

  • Statically using the form attributes
  • Dynamically using the standard parameters of the generated function module.

Even if XSF was defined as the output format in the form, you can still override this in the application program using the standard parameters (see: Output Options).

XSF Output

If you want to use XSF output without HTML, you can send XSF to spool processing or let the output be returned as a table in the application program.

The generated function module also returns a reference to an instance of type CL_IXML_DOCUMENT, which can be used to access the XML output in the iXML Library.