Migrating SAPscript Forms


SAP delivers Smart Forms for important business processes. If for your needs no such standard forms exist or if you have your own SAPscript forms, you can use two tools to migrate them.

Make use of this migration only if you want to make extensive changes to existing SAPscript forms. Especially the necessary modification of the data retrieval program (ABAP program) can take several days for complex applications, since all the techniques you use (for example, EXTRACT and LOOP) must be adapted.

Individual Migration

You can migrate a SAPscript form into a Smart Form and convert a SAPscript style into a Smart Style.

When converting a SAPscript style into a Smart Style, the system converts all paragraph and character formats with all their properties and attributes without any changes. Thus you can use the converted Smart Style without making any adaptations.

When migrating a SAPscript form into a Smart Form, the system executes the following steps:

  • It copies the language attributes and the output options.
  • It migrates the layout information including pages, windows, and their attributes and positions on the page.
  • It copies the texts in the form.
  • It displays the fields (SAPscript notation: program symbols) in the texts.
  • It converts the SAPscript commands (such as NEW-PAGE or IF…ENDIF) to comment lines and displays them in the texts.

After the migration, you have a template that you can enhance and modify according to your needs. Adapt the form logic by specifying the commands which the system converted to comment lines.

The system does not migrate the print program (data retrieval) or the form logic contained in the print program. You must make the required changes to the respective print program yourself.

Mass Migration

You can migrate any number of SAPscript forms in one go.


Migrating a SAPscript form

  1. Go to the SAP Smart Forms initial screen (transaction SMARTFORMS ).
  2. In the Form field enter the name of the Smart Form you want to create.
  3. Choose Utilities ® Migrate SAPscript form.
    The dialog window Migrate SAPscript Form appears.
  4. Enter the name and the language of the source form (SAPscript).
  5. Choose Enter.
    This takes you to the change mode of the SAP Form Builder.

    If the selected SAPscript form does not exist in the selected language, a dialog window appears on which you can select one of the existing languages.

  6. Now change the design of the form and of the form logic. To activate the Smart Form choose Activate.

Converting a SAPscript style

  1. Go to the Smart Styles inital screen (transaction SMARTSTYLES ).
  2. In the Style name field enter the name of the Smart Style you want to create.
  3. Choose Smart Styles ® Convert SAPscript style.
  4. Enter the name of the SAPscript style you want to convert.
  5. Choose Enter.
    A list of the converted styles appears.
  6. Choose Back. You can now change the Smart Style (Change).To activate the Smart Style choose Activate.

Mass Migration of SAPscript Forms

  1. In Reporting select the program SF_MIGRATE and execute it.
  2. Select the names and the language of the SAPscript forms and choose Execute. The system creates the Smart Forms under the names of the SAPscript forms plus the extension _SF.
    It displays a list of the migrated forms.
  3. To change and adapt a form, go to transaction SMARTFORMS . Then activate the changed Smart Form.


You created one or more Smart Forms based on the respective SAPscript form(s) and a Smart Style based on the respective SAPscript style.