Output Options


Two tab pages are available in the Form Builder for nearly all node types: Conditions and Output Options. Output options are attributes that you specify for a node in addition to the general attributes:

  • The attributes Style, Page Protection, Box and Shading appear on the tab page for all nodes that contain some kind of output on the form. They are optional.
  • For subnodes of the template node and of the old table node types, there are additional output attributes that you use to determine the cell into which a node is to be output. (See also: Displaying Contents in Cells and Determining Table Contents). These are required attributes.


Optional Attributes of the Output Options Tab Page




Specifies the style used for output of the node and its subnodes. This attribute deactivates any style specified in a superior node or in the form attributes for this node and its subnodes.

Page Protection

This indicator only affects output to the main window. If it is set, the output of this node and its subnodes is printed on one page (as far as possible, at least). For more information on setting page protection for table outputs, see Page Protection for Tables.

Box and Shading

Use these options to put the output of the node in a box and to shade it. You can determine the width and length of the box lines and the grade of the shade. Box and shading is not allowed for a subnode of a table or a template.


  1. Define box and shading for your output node, if required. This is not possible within tables, however. To set boxes and shading for table cells, use the Table Painter.
  2. Use the preview to check your settings.