Smart Styles


In a Smart Style you define the paragraph and character formats, which you can then assign to texts and fields in the Smart Form. You maintain a Smart Style in the Style Builder.

You must assign a Smart Style to each Smart Form. You do this globally for the entire Smart Form in the form attributes. In addition, you can assign a Smart Style locally to a node, for example, a text node (see also Shared Attributes of the Node Types). This assignment then applies for the entire subtree and overrules the global settings.


A Smart Style contains:

  • Header data containing the default values of a Smart Style
  • Paragraph formats including indents and spacing, font attributes, tabs, and outline and numbering
  • Character formats including effects (superscript, subscript), barcode and font attributes
  • Colors and underlines for a paragraph or character format
  • Preview

You can convert an existing SAPscript style into a Smart Style (see also Migrating SAPscript Forms).