Dynamic Page Break


As soon as a page is full, SAP Smart Forms automatically triggers a page break. A page is full as soon as all output areas on this page are filled. Output to all output areas except the main window is truncated as soon as the area is full.

The main window is the only output area whose window contents can spread over several pages. This is again solved by an automatic page break. In addition, SAP Smart Forms allows you to set a dynamic page break in order to start a new draft page (for example, to print the terms of business as the last page).

For more details on the automatic page break, refer to Processing Pages, Processing Main Windows and Secondary Windows, and Processing Loops and Tables.


The page to which you want to branch must exist. You can set a dynamic page break only within the main window.


You use a command to stop the output of a page in the main window:

  1. In the main window, create a command node in the navigation tree of the Form Builder.
  2. On the General Attributes tab mark Go to New Page. Determine the new page using the combobox of the checkbox.


The output of the main window continues on the new page, starting with the first directly inferior node of the new draft page. In the main window, SAP Smart Forms continues printing after the command node that triggered the page break.