Determining Table Contents


You want to determine the contents of the table lines of a table.


You defined line types for the table on the Table tab. In addition, you created a header for the column headings on the Events tab. To be able to access the contents of an internal table, you must have filled a work area using the Data tab.


  1. Use the context menu to create inferior nodes for the Header event.

    For more clarity combine the nodes for the line under a folder node. This is an outline node that allows you to combine related nodes.

  2. The Output Options tabs of the included nodes now have an additional Output Table box:
    • For the first node select New Line and use the Line Type list box to select a line type. In addition, mark New Ccell and do not skip any cells.
    • For the next node of the header it is enough if you mark the New Cell field.

For formatting within a cell you must know that a cell always starts with a paragraph.

  1. If you want to display the heading in two or more lines, you must mark New Line (as you did for the first node) for the node in which you want the next line to start. You can again specify a new line type.
  2. To display field contents in the cells of a line include text nodes as inferior nodes of your table node. To position the node contents in the cells, see steps 2. and 3.
  3. To display the contents of a field, use the PC Editor to include the field name (see also: Including Fields).

You can also display the contents of several nodes in one cell. To do this, insert other nodes after the first output node for the cell and make sure that neither New Line nor New Cell is marked.


The system displays the contents in the print preview or prints them.