Activating and Configuring the Trace


The trace is deactivated in the default setting. If you want to use the processing of a form to search for errors, you have to activate and configure the trace beforehand.


  1. Start transaction SFTRACE (trace management).
  2. If the trace is not activated, you can activate it by choosing the Activate pushbutton. The status in trace management then changes to Trace active.
  3. Set the trace level and other options.
  4. Confirm your entries with the Enter key.


Provided that the trace is activated for your user, Smart Forms creates a new trace each time you call a Smart Form. To avoid the trace being used unnecessarily, Smart Forms deactivates it again after one day. You can also deactivate it yourself before this time by choosing the Deactivate pushbutton.

Stored traces are listed in the Traces in the database table. This table is not, however, automatically updated after a trace has been stored. To update the table, choose Refresh ().