Line Types for Templates

The layout of a template is static, which means that you determine it before the Smart Form is executed. To do this, you can define line types in the Table Painter, whose sequences and appearances are the same as in the output. Describing a template with line types could look like this:

The output of this template consists of five lines, for which only three different line types are used:

  • Line type T1 for the first two line of the template. The Table Painter shows the interval in the bracket after the name of the line type.
  • Line type T2 for the third line of the template. This line type has a different fixed line height.
  • Line type T3, which is no line type of its own, but only a reference to T1. The Table Painter shows the name of the reference line type below the name of the line type.
  • Line type T4 for the fifth line.

By specifying an interval you can use one line type for several subsequent lines of the template. By specifying a reference you can reuse any existing line type at any position of the template. You can make changes only to the 'master' line type.

Unlike with line types for tables, for templates you specify a fixed line height for the line type. Any output that does not fit into a cell is truncated.

See also: Setting Boxes and Shading.