Processing Windows

General Characteristics

Each page contains one or more windows. The formatting options for the texts and data within a window are taken from a Smart Style (see also Smart Styles). The provision of the texts depends on the data and is described by an output control, similar to any other node type. Every window points to an output control.

You can print a window including its entire content on several different pages by copying the window onto another draft page. In the navigation tree of the Form Builder, these windows then have the same technical name and point to the same output control. However, you cannot use one window more than once on the same draft page (for example, at different positions in the layout). All the windows on one draft page must have different names and point to different output controls.

As for most nodes, you can determine conditions and output options for windows as well. When printing one window on several draft pages, each window can have its own conditions and output options, even though they point to the same output control. This enables you to use the same window on different pages with identical content but at different positions.

See also: Copies and Links in the Navigation Tree

Window Types

You can define the following window types in a form:

For graphics and addresses the above general characteristics apply as well. However, since they can have no inferior nodes, you only have to consider their elementary characteristics.

The main difference between main and secondary window is the page break behavior: While in a main window a page break automatically occurs as soon as the end of the window is reached, in a secondary window the remaining output is truncated; there is no page break.

The window types final window and copies window have the same characteristics as a secondary window. Final windows are processed only after all the nodes in the tree have been processed. Copies windows can be used to explicitly print a particular content only on the copy or only on the original.