Output Formats

The following output formats for forms exist:

Output Formats for Forms

Output Format

Form Attribute in the Form Builder


(Output Text Format)

Standard Output

This is the established format for printing forms in the SAP System. It can be converted into other formats, such as PDF.

(XML for SAP Smart Forms)

XSF Output

This is an XML scheme that contains the form contents of the processed form without any layout information.

(Hypertext Markup Language)

XSF Output + HTML

In addition to XSF, you can tell SAP Smart Forms to generate layout information to allow you to use the form in the Internet.

(XML Data for Forms)

XDF Output

This is an XML scheme that describes neither the form nor its layout, but simply the data the application passed at the form interface.

You cannot use several output formats with the same form at the same time.

Controlling the Output Format

You use the Form Attributes to determine the default settings for the output format of the form. When calling the Smart Form, you can use the standard parameters to overrule these settings. For details refer to the appropriate sections on the output format (see links in the table above). For an overview of which standard parameters you can use to overrule which static settings, refer to Output Options.